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Tax Planning:

The single largest expense you’ll ever have to pay is neither your home nor your children’s college expenses.  It is the amount of taxes you pay.  Once you begin thinking of income taxes as an expense rather than just another part of life, you can change the way you perceive taxes.

What is tax planning?
Tax planning is proactively structuring your situation such that the impact of income taxes has been minimized within the rules of the law.

Who needs tax planning?
Once taxes are viewed as an expense, you can see how planning to reduce them would be important in virtually everyone’s situation.  In our financial planning process, we review the taxes you pay now and will determine several strategies that can be implemented to reduce your tax burden.  We also review your investments to ensure that the accounts are managed in a tax-efficient manner.  Depending on the complexity of your situation, there may be a need to meet with your current tax advisor or to start utilizing one if you are not already.