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Retirement Planning:

Have you ever wondered if you will live the same quality of life in retirement as you have had during your working years?  How much will you need in order to live comfortably?  What are your goals?  When should you start, should I work until 58 or 62? How much can you count on from Social Security? What costs might you run into once you've actually retired? How will your children’s college cost affect your retirement nest egg? How will taxes impact your retirement? 

These are the questions that we all need to ask; questions that we often wait too long to ask; questions that surface on occasion and often cause considerable anxiety and stress. 

What is Retirement Planning?

Retirement planning is essentially a global look at all assets, expenses, and resources and how these affect you over time. Detailed income and expenses are a crucial part of the initial data gathering. Many plans don't take into account this simple but important step, leaving you with cash flow projections that are inadequate in later years. By getting an idea of the goals and objectives for your retirement, essentially the lifestyle you wish to lead in your later years, we will be able to determine from a financial perspective what roadblocks you might encounter. This enables us to quantify all of your information and create a plan with findings and recommendations that are specific to your situation and goals. Problems that may arise to potentially derail you will be addressed and specific strategies will be provided in writing.

Without coming up with a proposed solution to these problems they very rarely fix themselves.  But, when they are analyzed and reviewed using our comprehensive retirement planning process, your goals can become realized.