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Brokerage Accounts:

A brokerage account is opened up between an investor and a licensed professional.  When transactions are made, the client will pay for the services in the form of a load or commission. 

When would a brokerage account be suitable?
There are several advantages to opening a brokerage account for a client; as they allow the client to own many types of investment vehicles within the same account.  For example, a client can own several mutual funds from different fund companies, individual stocks & bonds, ETFs, and UITs – all within the same account.  These accounts are ideal for smaller dollar amounts or single stock positions to integrate with your overall financial plan. 

When should someone consider a managed account instead of a brokerage account?
Managed accounts, which are described in more detail on this site, are an alternative for clients.  Many clients like that the representative is acting as a consultant and is not compensated by transactions, but rather by their time, knowledge and advice.  This allows for a more actively managed platform based on reduced up front costs.  Also, lower expense options such as no-load funds and ETFs are also often utilized.